RCM Mille Rider Vacuum Industrial Sweeper

RCM Mille Rider Vacuum Industrial Sweeper – With 170 cm sweeping path with two side brushes, Mille ensures high cleaning performance in large areas. It has been designed to work in heavy duty applications such as steel factories, ceramic and cement factories.

Mille has the most reliable components combined with simple construction to give efficient, robust, long-life machine. With the driver seated at the front of the machine this gives excellent visibility ensuring safety and ease operation. The front wheel steer gives excellent manoeuvrability and the operator can see both side brushes whilst driving.

Mille is available powered by battery, Lombardini 3 cyinders Diesel engine or Kubota petrol engine.

Buy now at : http://www.sweepersaustralia.com.au/Cleaning-Machine/RCM+Mille+Rider+Vacuum+Sweeper/%7B93DDDA5F-DC14-4AD2-BBA5-BF626B274F1D%7D/


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