Gerni Pro 130.1-15X Pressure Washer

Gerni Pro 130.1-15X Pressure Washer

Sweepers Australia is well-known for providing amazing sweeping services and scrubbing equipment to its customers throughout Australia. Gerni Pro 130.1-15X Pressure Washer – The sturdy and robust semi professional pressure washer that easily handles any application in a reliable, effective and powerful way. For more detail Click Here


RCM Duemila Rider Vacuum Sweeper

RCM Duemila Rider Vacuum Sweeper

RCM Duemila has the most reliable components combined with simple construction RCM Duemila to give efficient, robust, long-life machine. With the driver seated at the front of the machine this gives excellent visibility ensuring safety and ease operation. For more detail Click Here


Nilfisk Advance SR 1601 Rider Sweeper

nilfisk advance sr 1601 rider sweeper

Nilfisk Advance SR 1601 Industrial Floor Sweepers is claimed to be the most technically advanced sweeper in its category, with innovations that increase cleaning productivity whilst simplifying operating and servicing requirements. Designed for industrial applications such as heavily soiled factories, construction sites, parking etc. Available in battery, LPG and diesel as required.

Nilfisk Advance SW8000 Rider Sweeper


Nilfisk Advance SW8000 Ride On Floor Sweepers can sweep large areas, such as parking lots, warehouses, factory floors and construction sites, in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional sweeper. Moreover it does this while efficiently controlling the dust, thanks to the innovative DustGuard misting system.

RCM Jumbo 962 Rider Floor Scrubber

rcm jumbo 962 rider floor scrubber

RCM Jumbo 962 Rider Floor Scrubber is the new Scrubber/Drier in the RCM medium-to large range, with its cleaning width from 80 cm up to 95 cm. It is available with 80 and 95 cm disc brushes and 86 cm wide roller brushes; both versions with electronically adjustable pressure on brushes and liftable brushes.