Gerni Poseidon 5 Series Pressure Washer

Gerni Poseidon 5 Series Pressure Washer Performance, ergonomics and durability The ideal partner for cold water cleaning tasks in all sectors. High performance, unbeatable ergonomics, low noise levels and easy servicing make this an unmatchable pressure washer. The POSEIDON 5 line comprises 2 models with different levels of performance and equipment adapted to most general cleaning tasks whether they require high pressure or high water capacity.

Pressure Washer


Gerni Poseidon 3-24 Pressure Washer

Gerni Poseidon

The right machine for semi-professional, everyday use. The semi-professional cold water line combining high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomic design and robustness for superior everyday cleaning.

Gerni Poseidon 3-24 Pressure Washer