Polivac Predator Carpet Extractor

Polivac Predator Carpet Extractor. Designed with no compromise in performance or styling, the Predator is powerful, portable and versatile. POWER is provided by a revolutionary new recovery system which combines with fully rubber mounted vac motors to produce one of the most powerful portable machines available today.


Industrial Sweeper RCM Slalom E Rider Sweeper

SLALOM is the small ride-on sweeper designed for cleaning particularly awkward areas with narrow passages with agility. Its compact dimensions allow it to pass through doors and lifts of just 80 cm width. For more details РClick Here 


Ride on Sweeper RCM R850 Rider Sweeper

The large sweeping width allows a great productivity. Robust: made in stainless steel with high quality components. Efficient: because it has the same productivity as machines from an higher category. Easy to use: it`s ideal for the heavy jobs even in large surfaces. For more details – Click Here

Macroclean M60 Street Sweeper

The M60 is the most advanced and performing mechanical-suction sweeper on the market today thanks to years of continuous development. Its 6 cubic meter hopper volume and 6000 Kg net payload are unmatched performances that allow this superb sweeper to work in the heaviest-duty conditions, both urban and industrial. For more info – Click Here

Polivac SL1600 Suction Floor Burnisher

The 40cm Ultra High Speed Dominator, from Polivac International is the second addition to Polivac`s highly successful electric burnishing range. The 1700RPM pad/brush speed achieves a fantastic wet look shine and lustre, specifically designed for use in smaller, hard to maintain area`s. When in use, the Dominator is extremely quiet, utilising the successful In-built vacuum system. For more details – Click Here

Polivac SL1600 Suction Floor Burnisher

Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryers

Ride-On Floor Scrubber Dryers are simple to use, highly efficient & extremely durable, for the cleaning of big areas.  Sweepers Australia is carrying Sweeping & Scrubbing Equipment Pavement Sweepers, Ride on Floor Sweepers, Floor Sweeper, Industrial Floor Sweepers, Push Floor Scrubbers, Floor Burnishers, Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Floor Scrubber, Ride on Floor Scrubbers, Street Sweepers, Industrial Scrubber, Industrial Sweeper, and Push Floor Sweepers. Sales & Service Provider in Victoria.