Viper FANG24T/26T/28T Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

With this large walk-behind scrubber dryer you can easily clean floors in tough and dirty environments. Variable pad pressure makes it possible to adjust to your cleaning needs. For more dirty areas just add more pad pressure.A big tank capacity and a longer battery run time makes it possible to clean for a longer time.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

RCM Mega II Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

MEGA is the new line of pedestrian scrubber-drier for the professional cleaning of medium-big sized areas. It is produced in four different models.

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Floor Scrubber

Viper AS430/510 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

The solution tank and recovery tank is integrated into one molded part which creates higher tank capacity. The body architecture helps to increase tank capacity for longer cleaning operations with one fill. This saves you time!

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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

RCM Drive T Rider Floor Scrubber

Drive T is the compact ride-on scrubber drier for those users whose priority is a simple machine at low cost. It is compact but still has 116 lt solution tank capacity, large running time thanks to 36V-320 A battery, comfortable adjustable seat, heavy duty chassis and electric lifting and lowering of brushes and squeegee like top class scrubbers.

Ride On Floor Scrubbers