RCM Otto Rider Vacuum Floor Sweeper

RCM Otto Rider Vacuum Floor Sweeper – With 140 cm sweeping path with two side brushes, Otto ensures high cleaning performance in medium sized areas both indoor and outdoor.

Otto has been designed to work in tough industrial conditions and it is suitable for very dusty applications.

It is simple, robust and easy to use. Good visibility allows accurate sweeping and increased safety for the operator. Large tilting bonnet gives easy access to the components and for maintenance. Roto molded panels and bonnet ensure no shock to the machines even in the toughest working conditions.

Otto is available powered by 36V battery or Honda petrol engine or Lombardini Diesel engine (all with electric starter).

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Commercial Floor Sweeper- Know The Way Using It Properly

Commercial property holders understand that it is always important to keep the business premise secure, clean and hygienic. As they like to clean the area efficiently on a regular basis, they want to invest for floor cleaners. It is not the manual floor cleaning process, which is much time consuming. Rather, it is sweeping machine, which may make the clean-up task much easier. Industrial Floor Sweepers are nowadays used by the corporate staffs to cleanse the huge area of a business unit.

Industrial Sweeper

 Move the machine at the right direction

The mechanical sweepers are of various styles, and they enable you in blending water and some cleaning agent. Your workers can now clean the space more efficiently.

While using the scrubber, you have to ensure that the tank of your machine has been filled with the cleaning solution. One of the facts, to be considered by floor sweeper users, is that there are two separate tanks in the machine- one is for grimy water and another one is for a solution. These tanks are to be taken out and reattached properly. The best way for cleaning process is to begin the task from the corner. In fact, you need to direct your sweeping machine towards the direction, where you want to move your machine. Many of the Industrial Floor Scrubbers have a special design to easily move either towards the front to the back. If you move it to the reverse course, you cannot enjoy the efficiency of the device.

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Use proper pad for cleaning

If you have already filled up the tank, then you can test the pad, which should be attached safely. Then, activate the equipment, in according to the guidelines of the manufacturers. Now, while saying about pads, it is to be stated that the softer ones are intended for painted floors, while the tougher ones are designed for concrete. Various surfaces need a variety of scrubbing items. Hard pads may cause damage to the timber and painted areas. Diverse tasks also involve different pads. Besides, this pad also needs to be decided according to your purpose, like wax stripping or floor cleaning.

While everything of your scrubbing machine is outfitted, ensure that squeegee is facing downward. You need to trigger the vacuuming system at the same time. Move your machine carefully and steadily so that no spot may be missed. When the device is equipped well, it is also important to set the level of water flow. A recovery reservoir needs to be emptied, whenever it is needed. Remember that this reservoir needs to be cleansed thoroughly in order to avert chemical accumulation. Diluted ammonia may assist you in removing all the stubborn matters.

Thus, floor scrubbers can really work for you in the easiest way. If you buy one of these scrubbers, then you may look for those motors, which work quietly. Yet, when you want some extra safety, you can put on some ear protection. So, get ready to clean any large area with the simplest application of the mechanical sweeping device.