RCM Otto Rider Vacuum Floor Sweeper

RCM Otto Rider Vacuum Floor Sweeper – With 140 cm sweeping path with two side brushes, Otto ensures high cleaning performance in medium sized areas both indoor and outdoor.

Otto has been designed to work in tough industrial conditions and it is suitable for very dusty applications.

It is simple, robust and easy to use. Good visibility allows accurate sweeping and increased safety for the operator. Large tilting bonnet gives easy access to the components and for maintenance. Roto molded panels and bonnet ensure no shock to the machines even in the toughest working conditions.

Otto is available powered by 36V battery or Honda petrol engine or Lombardini Diesel engine (all with electric starter).

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RCM Atom Plus Rider Sweeper

With 125 cm sweeping path with two side brushes, Atom Plus is the compact ride on sweeper designed to clean small to medium areas both indoor and outdoor, areas which up to now have only been accessible with pedestrian machine. Sweepers Australia specializes in the hire, sales and service of scrubbers, sweepers and cleaning equipment. The scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums and pressure washers supplied by Sweepers Australia are manufactured by internationally known brands and are cost effective.

Atom Plus Rider Sweeper


Nilfisk Advance SW750 Walk Behind Sweeper

This battery powered, truly versatile sweeper can go anywhere and be used for cleaning everything from retail areas to gas stations.

Sweepers Australia is a 100% Australian owned company. Its supplier NEW & USED RCM & Nilfisk Floor Sweepers & Floor Scrubbers equipment in maintenance, repair, spare parts, sales, hire and almost every related aspect allows you, our customer, to a product which will meet your requirements with confidence.

Ride On Floor Sweepers

Clean your floor easily with Ride on Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers


As we know that one should keep their surrounding clean, whether your home, working place or an office building. Making everything clear and dirt free provides positive energy to enter in your life. Cleaning commercial floors is nothing less then a war as people walking on them all day and you are left with dirty floor full of mud and other dirty things. Keeping such floor clean could be overwhelming but with the help of right tools, one can keep floors clean. Ride on Floor Sweepers could be the right equipment that scrub your floors so that they get clean and germ free.

When you take floor scrubber to cleaning floor you will get motorized rotating pads that can clean your floor without much problem. Using it very easy, all you need is to turn them on and your floor scrubber mix hot cleaning solution and water onto your floors. These amazing moving pads will wipes away the dirt and grime in seconds. All you need is to find a right company which can provide you good quality and convenient floor scrubbers. These scrubbers have tiny vacuums inside of them which are easy to clean. Get your motorized scrubber and get your floor clean without expand ton of effort.

Having perfect scrubber is best for cleaning purpose and now you can easily get these scrubbers at your door step. These floor scrubbers are like blessing for dull and listless floor and this scrubber can give your floor new life. These high end scrubbers are designed to clean even old wax coatings, old stains. If you are cleaning expert than floor sweepers is a powerful tool. These floor scrubbers are more like broom as it sweep floor in that manner only. When you have power broom in your hand, no dust can hide from you.

Ride on Floor Scrubbers comes with powerful motorized broom which can easily gather dirt and thrust it into the machine. This machine can work in several directions which make cleaning work fast and quick. Many places like wood mills and powder packaging facilities need powerful and accurate cleaning tool and here floor sweeper is required. People who are in cleaning business will agree that, cleaning business is one of the most time-consuming and physically exhausting tasks. But today with these floors cleaning equipment you can minimize the work time and effort. If your office or work place has extensive floor space then these cleaners can ensure health and safety to your workplace.

Cleaning huge space with a hand mop is not an option and here you definitely require floor scrubbers for the task. To minimize your work effort you just can’t buy any floor scrubber, you need right one for the work and many online stores offering high-end floor scrubber in very affordable price. These ride scrubbers offer the options of scrubbing or sweeping which help you to get rid from dirt on everyday basis. Get best deal and buy your best floor scrubber today.